How to Choose Which Wedding Traditions to Keep

by Mark Wilcox, Wedding Intro


Are you thinking of getting married and starting to plan the wedding? Many brides wonder about which traditions to keep. This article will help you. It will explain why certain traditions exist. You can then decide which ones to use. Let's start by looking at wedding venues.

Wedding Venues

The wedding venue means the building and/or location where the wedding will take place. The wedding venue is often a church depending upon how religious the couple is. If the couple grew up together in a church congregation then they will want to get married there. Yet, if only the bride or the groom grew up in a specific church, then it becomes more difficult to choose. This is why a courthouse marriage is sometimes preferable. It avoids having any religious conflicts. This is important if either the bride or groom is not religious. Or if from a different religious tradition. And the venue could also affect what the wedding dress is.

Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is the outfit of choice for any bride. White is the traditional color that goes back over 100 years. Queen Victoria wanted to show off some lace she had bought on her dress. While white seems plain there is a wide variety of shades to choose from. They are often decorated with lace, crystals, and beads. Sleeveless and strapless dresses are popular because it makes the dresses easier to alter. But, if you are not being married at a church or having a small wedding you could choose to have a simpler dress. And if you are on your second marriage you can wear any color that you want. Though black will still be frowned upon since it reminds western culture of funerals. And then you will need to think about rings.

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are the most common way to for a wedding couple to show they are married. They are often almost always gold and on men's bands plain while women may opt to have diamonds in the bands. Or pair the simple gold band with a diamond ring. That ring is often her engagement ring. The rings are often placed on the left hand because the perception the vein in that finger goes straight to the heart. Gold is the most popular choice. This is because it's easy to get, mold into jewelry and of course tradition. Gold is also durable. And even though everyday wear will result in a patina this often enhances the look in a simple gold band. But there are many other options to choose from. Such as colored gold. Platinum rings which are popular. They are for people who might be allergic to common alloy metals in gold. Some people make an even more grand statement by getting tattoo rings. But whatever ring you choose it should be based on both the wishes of the bride and groom. As well as what their budget allows.

There are many wedding traditions to keep in mind when planning a wedding. These include the wedding venue, the wedding dress and, of course, the wedding ring. Regardless of what you choose to do. I hope this article has given you a better appreciation of what these traditions are. So that you can choose what traditions to keep in your own wedding.


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