How Much to Spend on Your Groomsmen Gifts


Is the total cost for your wedding ballooning? Or have you managed to stick within your budget?

If the former is your situation, don’t worry. Cool groomsmen gifts don’t have to be expensive. In fact, several are affordable and you’d be surprised that most grooms don’t spend too much on these tokens of thanks. If you’re one of the latter, then good for you! Not many achieve that feat, so let’s keep it that way.

Consider the wedding budget

Traditionally, if you’re planning a small affair, particularly a casual one, groomsmen gifts are expected to cost less, say around $25 per man give or take a few dollars. A more extravagant wedding would have your groomsmen expecting a more expensive gift but not as lavish as you might be thinking. $50 can get you high-quality gifts. Whoever said you had to spend $100 on golf clubs for upscale groomsmen gifts?

The key is to do research. Go on the internet. There are several sites offering good-quality gifts at affordable prices. Ask friends. Remember that classy vintage-looking flask you got at your buddy’s wedding? Maybe he’s willing to let you in on where he got those so you could check out the store’s other merchandise.

Consider how much your groomsmen spent

The safest way to not offend your groomsmen is to consider how much your groomsmen spent for the wedding. Factor in the tux rentals, transportation and how much they spend on bachelor party. The gifts that you will buy should cost 10% to 25% of their total expenditure.

If they threw you an amazing party, it’s only polite you put an effort into choosing their presents. But avoid the pressure or the urge to splurge, especially if you are on a tight budget. If the men in your entourage are genuine friends, they’d understand and would appreciate your well-chosen gift, regardless of the price.

Consider what they like and want

Do your buddies enjoy simple night outs with just guy talk and booze? Think about getting them coolers. Or are you a group with an insatiable wanderlust? A travel bag for each would be perfect. Always consider each person’s style and set of interests.

If you prefer getting each a different gift, be sure to purchase those within the same price range. Differences in costs might translate as favoritism to some of the men. Keep the wedding preparations as drama-free as possible by staying fair. Those who do merit more high-priced items are the best man, your own dad and your father-in-law.

Whether you decide to go with any of the options above for your groomsmen gifting strategy, remember it’s about showing your appreciation for them standing by you. You and your friends may not always see eye-to-eye but they did something right to help you go from the lonely guy at the bar to a happily married man. Getting them thoughtful, meaningful presents is just a small way of saying thank you.









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